Technical Specification


Got a problem? Take a look through the FAQs, and if the answer is not there contact us and we'll get right back to you. Visit our YouTube channel at Keeler YouTube to find support videos and more.

Kapture Software Support

Where can I find support on Keeler Kapture software?

Visit the Keeler YouTube channel to find support videos on Kapture Software.

There is no camera to connect.


The Kapture software is loading, but there is no image being displayed and the camera connect button is not there. In the device manager uEye225 appears as a usb device, but the camera itself is not appearing as an imaging device. The workstation needs adding – if the software is installed and run BEFORE licensing a workstation with our slit Lamp as a device is automatically added – if you install and license before running Kapture a workstation needs to be added manually.

A workstation is basically the device configuration for the PC – it is easy to add – the best way is to watch our short video

The live video seems to be slow

It is likely to be a hardware or USB speed problem rather than a camera or software issue. Check the following:

  • The PC has an intel processor and chipset
  • You are using one of the rear USB ports
  • The USB cable is less than 5M in length, we recommend 1.5m
  • There are as few as possible USB devices attached
  • All the windows energy saving features are disabled

Kapture looses it's license

Users activating the licence need to have local administrator rights. Changing the system date and time can disable the licence

Some anti-spyware and virus scanners can cause the loss of the license. Disable them (on the registry if possible).

Some hardware changes can affect the licence – for example motherboard, hard drive etc.

If Kapture is shut down before selecting a ‘close without changes’ tab a new serial code will be generated and the activation code will not work.

I get a login message: ‘Systempointer needs resetting by admin’

This indicates the path to the image tables is incorrect or is not available.  Check the settings in admin for the data directories.

If this fails contact Colin West for a software fix,

Does Kapture run on Windows 7 & windows 8

Yes, Kapture will run on Windows 7 & 8 32 & 64bit

Does an imac work for kapture

We do not recommend running Kapture on an iMac with Windows but yes it should work, though it is not supported so if any issues do occur we may not be able to resolve them.  Boot camp would be the preferred route to running Windows on the Mac

Can I recover deleted patients or episodes

Yes – when records are deleted by a user they are hidden from the database but not physically deleted.  The system administrator can go to the set up menu – select the 5th icon from the left and click on the show deleted records icon and either restore the records or permanently delete them to recover disc space.  Note – if they are deleted from the admin screen they are permanently deleted.

The user want to capture images with one click and does not want to use the freeze frame function in Kapture

Standard Kapture a freeze frame function to select the best image after you have pressed the capture button on the joystick.

The user has to press the capture button twice, once to freeze the image, then a second time to select the best image from the video frames stored in RAM, or just click again to select the current image.

If the user wants only the last image, a "double click" on the capture button will achieve this.

An alternative to this would be to fit a usb footswitch and use it to capture the image with a single click.

When I add a patient I get the message: Patient Duplicate Details

The patient ID is very important in Kapture as this the unique identifier for your patient. It is unique and cannot be changed. the system will detect if a patient is added that already may exist when it check the following fields in the database:

  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex

If there is already a patient in the database which the same details, Kapture will show the Patient Duplicate Details message and will show the patient the detail with the known patient ID.

The user can check if he has made a typing error with the patient ID and cancel the add and go to the existing patient, or he can add the patient anyway.

So this is NOT an error message and does NOT stop you to add the patient it is just a warning to inform that a patient with the same details already exist.

Can I use Kapture on a PC with user right less than Local Administrator

Yes the user needs full rights to the Kapture folder and its included folders. (and the data folder if this is on a different location)

How do I activate a Kapture License

We have prepared a number of self-help videos, these are published on YouTube.

This is the link to the licensing video:

What is the specification of the PC I should use for Kapture?

RECOMMENDED PC SPECIFICATION (not included with Slit Lamp or Kapture software)

Operating system – Windows XP 32 bit (minimum SP3) or Windows 7/8 64-bit

Windows features – Full install of .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 framework

All .NET updates and OS updates

Processor – Intel Core i5 or i7 recommended

Memory – Minimum 4 GByte RAM

HDD – Minimum 500 MB Hard Disc (larger recommended) at 7200 rpm

Ports &ndash Free Full speed USB2 ports that will support video

Backup Device – External HD, LAN, DVD-Writer or other

Monitor – Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution recommend 1600 x 900

Keyboard and Mouse – Wheel mouse preferred

A good backup system is recommended

For medical safety an isolation transformer might be needed

The image is greatly enlarged in the Ann/Msr and Rel screen

When you switch to the Annotation / Measurement / Relative the screen selected image will be shown as full size (100%). i.e. pixel for pixel.  This as we have to draw on top of the image using a layer so it has initially to be set to 100%.

With high resolution images this can cause a problem, you can change the size of the image with the scroll wheel of the mouse

When I connect the camera for the first time to Kapture I get an error message

This is normal until the camera has been ‘registered’ by the software – just click OK and it should go to live view.

If the software has just been installed – do let the PC have a few moments after plugging in the camera for the drivers to load.

When I add a patient, Kapture informs me that the patient already exists. I cannot find in using the browse or other search options

When you delete a patient/episode then the patient or episode information is placed a recycle bin of the database. This is for extra security to prevent loss of important medical data.

The user ‘Admin’ can recover a deleted patient/episode information or delete (purge) it permanently.

When you add a patient then the Patient ID has to be unique. If you add a patient who has been deleted so (placed in the recycle bin) with the same ID then you cannot add and find it.

You have 2 solutions:

  • Ask Admin to recover the patient
  • Ask Admin to delete/purge the patient

When I go to the image capture screen there is no camera visible

Check if the workstation name in admin is the same as the name of the computer. Just press OK when adding the workstation to get the correct workstation name.

Is the save button active? If not then the user has no ADD rights. Check in the admin, user setup if the user has ADD rights also make sure image capture form view only is NOT selected.

I get an error number 9 when I use histogram tool in Kapture

Change in the Windows XP control panel, Display properties, Settings, Advanced, General

The DPI setting to: Normal size (96 DPI)

I cannot capture a movie with kapture

Check which sort of Kapture license if activated. You can do this by clicking on the "about Kapture" icon in the user menu.

If it shows Kapture Lite then the movie function will not work. Upgrade to Kapture Digital.

Can I connect an EOS/Nikon digital camera to Kapture Lite

Yes. You will need to add a camera in the Admin screen, third icon from the left, set it as a monitor directory camera and click add. Then you need to activate the camera in the workstation screen – second icon from the left.

How do I export a movie captured with Kapture

Drag the thumbnail to the 1-up or 4-up to view the movie in a separate window. When you click with the right mouse on the movie you get a menu with options. One of them is: save as. Use this option to export the movie to a preferred location.

When I login to Kapture I get a message, database not found

Check the path in the C:\Kapture\local.ini and the Kapture.ini file (which is at the same location as the database)

Can Kapture run on a Apple Computer/laptop

We do not recommend running Kapture on a Mac with Windows but yes it should work, though it is not supported so if any issues do occur we may not be able to resolve them.  Boot camp would be the preferred route to running Windows on the Mac

I cannot play video on an XP machine

You need to install “ffdshow tryout” for any XP users wanting to capture video if they have the appropriate version of Kapture that includes video capture.

Play back of video requires that your PC has a codec for MJPG installed.  This is standard with Windows 7 but not with Windows XP.  You may have one already installed in XP depending upon which packages you have installed.  If you need one you can install the ffdshow-tryouts package from ......

I can’t run capture on a windows 7 PC

Dot net framework 3.5 is required with Windows 7 SP1

The camera connection is intermittent

Check the connections to the USB hub on the Slit Lamp base – if necessary bypass the hub and connect the camera to the PC.  If the connection is OK then it is possible one of the USB connections has been damaged.

The exposure and trigger functions don’t work

Try changing the settings by using the keyboard shortcuts – ctrl + alt + F8/9/10 for trigger, longer exposure and shorter exposure times.  If the functions work on the keyboard then the trigger board on the Slit Lamp may have become damaged.

I get error 380 when running Kapture

Check that the Windows calender is set to Gregorian and that the decimal point is a 'full stop' not a comma.

Slit Lamp Assembly Support

Where can I find support on setting up my Slit Lamp?

Visit the Keeler YouTube channel to find our support video on Slit Lamp assembly.


Where can I buy or try a Keeler Slit Lamp?

Visit the 'find a dealer' section of the Keeler UK or Keeler USA websites to find your nearest dealer or distributor.

Portable Slit Lamp

No illumination/low illumination

Check the unit is fully charged. Also check the position of the filters and slits to ensure they are set correctly.

Slit is slanted at an angle

 Check the position of the slit disc. it may not be located correctly at a slit position.

Circle incomplete or offset

Check the position of the slit and filter discs. It may not be located correctly at a slit position.

Poor Focus

Check the dioptric settings of the eyepieces.

How long can the battery be expected to last before a recharge is required?

50 mins of continuous illumination.

How long does it take the battery to fully charge?

2.5 hours approx.

Can I use the PSL while it is on charge?

Yes, as long as the power supply is plugged into the handset, not into the charging base.



How do I adjust the LED brightness?

Use the power/function button to enter the D-KAT sub menu by pressing it for 3 seconds and follow the instructions outlined on page 12 of the user manual. D-KAT Instructions For Use

What does 'bat' mean if shown in the D-KAT display window?

The current battery is getting low and should be replaced with a new 1.5v AA Alkaline type before using the D-KAT on any further procedures.

How do I replace the battery?

Use a screwdriver or a small coin to undo the battery cover on the top of the unit and remove the battery. Note the battery orientation before removal.

Where is the function button on the D-KAT?

The function button is also the main on/off button for the D-KAT. This is located to the right hand side of the LED display window.

How do I disinfect the tonometer prism?

Follow the disinfection procedure on page 9 of the user manual. D-KAT Instructions For Use

How do I attach my R-Type D-KAT to my Slit Lamp?

Screw the R-Type tonometer mount to the upper side of the optics block.

How do I attach my T-Type D-KAT to my Slit Lamp?

Remove the test bar blanking plug from the base of your slit lamp illumination column and replace with the T-Type guide plate.

How do I change the decimal point setting within the LED display?

Turn on the D-KAT and press the function button for more than 3 seconds. the display will flash briefly. Release the function button and 'dp' (decimal point) or 'ndp' (no decimal point) will be displayed. Press the function button briefly to toggle between both. Once the desired display has been set, release the function button and the D-KAT will return to the pressure readings display.

How do I calibrate my D-KAT?

In the event of the device being outside of the calibration tolerances, it is important to send the device back to Keeler Ltd or your local dealer for repair and re-calibration.


The light does not come on, there is no slit

  • Check the following
  • Mains power is connected.
  • The power is turned on at the power supply unit (PSU) under the table top.
  • The PSU is connected to the Slit Lamp Base.
  • The Slit Lamp base is connected to the chinrest.
  • The power lead from the chinrest to the lamp housing is connected.
  • The Bulb is not blown/fused.
  • The slit aperture is not 'closed'.
  • The aperture wheel is not between apertures.

The light patch/image is dull and yellowish

The yellow filter is probably 'in' pull the filter knob up, it is the silver knob on the top of the optics block at the rear.

Is there an LED version available?

Yes – you can choose to have either halogen bulb illumination or an LED.

How do I replace the bulb?

  • Disconnect the power cord to the lamp housing and remove the lamp cover on tower illumination systems by loosening the two screws on the lamp housing.
  • Carefully disconnect the power leads from the lamp pins by pulling off the connecting plug.
  • Loosen and remove the screw holding the lamp retaining clip.
  • Remove the burnt out lamp! Be careful it may still be hot.
  • Replace it with a new halogen lamp, take care to avoid handling the lamp glass.
  • Replace the lamp retaining clip.
  • Replace the power connections to the lamp.
  • Replace the lamp housing or lamp cover.

Which bulb do I buy?

A Keeler 6V 20W lamp, part number 1030-P-7160.


The movement feels sluggish or stiff

  • Check that the thin protective film has been removed from the square glide plate - if this is still in place the X/Y movement will be affected
  • Ensure that the wheels are correctly located on the rails, if the axle is misaligned the movement will be affected.

What are the positions for the Runners and Friction Plate on the Table Top

  • Click here to see the positional template for Table Tops or view it from the document links to on the right hand side of this page


The optics not focusing correctly

  • Check that they are fully forward on the dovetail of the support arm and that the securing screw on the right is tightened.
  • Check that the eyepieces are set to zero or to your own distance spectacle correction; check the instructions for guidance on this matter


Which type of Tonometer do I buy?

The Keeler R type or T type Tonometers are compatible with your Keeler DSL 40H Slit Lamp.

How do I fit my Tonometer?

  • The R type fits on to the post that must be mounted on the optics block.
  • The T type fits to the guide plate that must be mounted in the test bar locating hole.
  • Full fitting instructions are supplied with our Tonometers and are included in the Slit Lamp instructions for use (IFU).

Imaging & Digital

Is there a digital version yet?

We expect to have a digital version available in February 2014

Can I upgrade to a digital version?

It will depend on the version of the Keeler Slit Lamp you have purchased – some earlier models may not be suitable for an upgrade to digital.

Tables, Power & Refraction Units

Can I fit a Keeler Slit Lamp to my refraction unit?

Yes, you need to order the refraction unit version of the Slit Lamp – it comes with the parts your technician needs to fit it to most Refraction units, but does not have the unnecessary items such as the table top, power supply and accessory drawer.

What is the difference between the ‘table top’ and the ‘refraction unit’ versions?

The table top, accessory drawer and poser supply are replaced by a refraction unit fitting kit that a technician will need to complete the installation.

Which table leg do I need to buy and how do I fit the Slit Lamp to my existing table leg?

You should be able to use most table legs. The underside of our Slit Lamp table top is drilled for the Keeler table leg. You may need to make new holes / inserts to fit the Slit Lamp to your preferred leg. We can supply the hex bolts and inserts required.

What is the input voltage for the Keeler Slit Lamp?

The Keeler Slit Lamp is supplied with a ‘switch mode’ Power Supply that will work with all voltages and frequencies.

For refraction unit fitting the Slit Lamp can be configured by a technician to have the following input and output settings:

Input Output
12V DC 6V DC, or CC
24V DC 6V DC, 12V DC or CC
12V > 16V AC 6V DC, 12V DC or CC


My mirror is scratched, how do I replace it?

Simply grasp the mirror and slide it out of its holder, it is a friction fit against a spring in the mirror mount. The new mirror can be slid into place. Do not touch the front surfaced mirror.

What is the short mirror used for?

When examining the posterior segment it is necessary to have a narrow angle between illumination and magnification and the mirror can obscure the view. By using a short mirror and tilting the illumination by 10° this problem can be overcome.

How do I clean the mirror?

The mirror is front surfaced to avoid ghosting of the projected light and therefore is very delicate and will need to be replaced when the surface deteriorates.

The mirror should be cleaned only with a soft clean lens cloth.


What is the warranty on the Keeler Slit Lamp?

3 years covering faulty materials or workmanship – of course consumables such as bulbs and the mirror are not covered. For full details on our terms and conditions check our website.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Contact your supplier – they should be your first point of contact. In the unlikely event you need direct help from us then contact our service department in Windsor and we will direct you to our nearest service centre.


What accessories are available for the Keeler Slit Lamp?

  • Applanation Tonometers - T & R type.
  • Motorised instrument table.
  • Long and short mirrors.
  • Chinrest papers.
  • Volk lenses (subject to local distributors).

For more information please see our accessories page.

Will my PSL iPhone adapter fit the Keeler Slit Lamp?

The eyepieces of PSL are 30mm diameter and are smaller than the Keeler Slit Lamp, so it is not possible to fit the iPhone adapter to your Keeler Slit Lamp.

Servicing & Spares

What servicing does a Slit Lamp require?

Slit Lamps are high precision devices that require regular maintenance for optimum performance. Generally routine maintenance programs cover cleaning adjusting and lubricating key optical and mechanical components.

If your Slit Lamp has suffered a major trauma and the optics have been severely damaged it is likely to require factory repairs as the optical alignment is unlikely to be achieved without our precision jigs and tools.

is there a service contract available?

Most of our dealers will be able to offer you a service contract – contact your local dealer for information and prices.

Where do I get spares for my Slit Lamp?

Your local dealer should have a stock of routinely required spares and accessories, but if you are experiencing difficulty contact our service department  directly and they will be pleased to advise you.

Techniques - How to Use a Slit Lamp

I am new to using a Slit Lamp - how do I use it?

Download our 'Making Sense Of' guide to using a Slit Lamp - it's free.

Which Volk Lens is best?

Go to the website – they have a great simulator that will help you with your choice. We suggest the Keeler / Volk Digital Lens set – the set of three lenses will be suitable for most retinal examinations.

Technical and Legislative

What does IPxO mean?

IPxO is a measurement of the water ingress protection, essentially the Keeler Slit Lamp is not rated for a wet environment and is not waterproof.

What is the dioptric adjustment for the eyepieces?

The eyepices will adjust to +/- 8D

What is the chinrest vertical travel?

The chinrest vertical adjustment range is 75mm

What materials are the headband and the chinrest cup made from?

The Headband and Chinrest material is a biocompatible material Lustran 348

Assembly Instructions

Software downloads:

  • Grading report forms in English - download these and place them in the Kapture/Report directory
  • The latest version of Kapture 1-1-15-2 with support for the Vantage Plus Digital BIO and a new video player (license specific) with a 10 day trial / demo license.
  • Team Viewer Quick Support - download and run this when requested so that we can directly access your PC to help resolve any issues
  • The previous version of Kapture without support for V+Digital

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